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Sixth Continent, Blue Planet, there are many metaphors used to indicate the vastness of water that covers 71% of the earth’s surface. Since time immemorial the sea has been a source of resources, from the animals and plants that inhabit it to the salts contained in its waters, as well as a place of transit, a road without roads. Since the mid-nineteenth century the quantity and diversity of marine resources has only grown, as has their importance. To enumerate them today, we start from below the same level as the bottom, with oil and gas, then on the seabed where tens of billions of tonnes of metal nodules rest there are pipelines for hydrocarbons and cables for data and electricity, the importance of which is destined to grow. Biological resources swim and station in the water, of which those intercepted by fishing are a small part, albeit very impactful. Finally, surface waters, the largest solar collector on the planet, whose energy the sea returns in the form of wind. Immense resources, which translate into wealth and therefore in competition for valorisation, which the international system tries hard to channel into the EEZ mechanism … Italy, as in many other sectors, does not seem to be interested.


  • fishing rights, new challenges from new players
  • hydrocarbons, the revolution of the Mediterranean offshore
  • submarine oil and gas pipelines
  • watch out for taxonomies
  • the collection of polymetallic nodules: what prospects in the Mediterranean and in Italian EEZ waters
  • data cables, not just fibre: on-board server farms
  • the shore-shore power lines and the wind farms-shore
  • the floating wind revolution and green hydrogen
  • offshore operations; the safety and protection of new surface and submerged marine resources


Chairman: Umberto Masucci, President, The International Propeller Clubs

The protection of national marine and underwater resources
Adm. Andrea Petroni, Head of the Submarine Department, Italian Navy

The Seas: National and transnational waters
Fabio Caffio, Admiral Inspector ris., Italian Navy

Towards the regulation of the italian Exclusive Economic Zone
Sandro Gallinelli, Auxiliary Rear Admiral, Port Authority Corps – Coast Guard

The International Seabed Authority
Daniele Bosio, Coordinator for maritime affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Marine mineral resources in the Italian Exclusive Economic Zone
Giada Rossi, Geologa, Università degli studi di Urbino/Italferr

Opportunities & Challenges – vessels supporting offshore wind industry
Eva Peño, Global Market Leader OSV & Tugs Bureau Veritas

Undersea tubes: challenges and opportunities
Fabrizio Maronta, Editor and Head of International Relations, Limes

Fishing rights in the Mediterranean
Natalino Ronzitti, Emeritus Professor of International Law, Luiss University of Rome 

Twisted cables in the Mediterranean
Arturo Varvelli, Responsible, European Council for Foreign Relations