4.00 pm - 6.30 pm

Genoa, and in live streaming


The wave of digitalisation and automation is affecting the world of ports and logistics in its two aspects: the exchange and capture of information and data on the one hand and the reduction of the use of human work in all phases of physical handling and storage of goods. Not only that, the two domains are converging at increasing speeds, creating an increasingly cyber-physical environment. More and more sophisticated and integrated applications are being built on these technological trends. The goal is the maximum efficiency and traceable continuity in the management of the flow of goods on the one hand, the security of the same and of the infrastructures in the face of any type of threat on the other.


  • digital twins for port management and security
  • digital fast corridors and customs interoperability
  • digitisation and port automation
  • development of “uninterrupted” intermodality
  • cargo transport, goods traceability and cyber-physical security
  • The new European taxonomies and investments for adaptation and development in ports


Chairman: Daniele Testi, President, SOSLOGistica

Digitize to simplify customs processes and relaunch the economy
Laura Castellani, Director of Organization and Digital Transformation Management, Customs and Monopoly Agency

the Evolution of Port Generations
Sergio Prete, President, Port Authority of the Ionian Sea – Port of Taranto

The digitalization in the goods flow at the La Spezia Port. The integration between  Port and S.Stefano Magra inland Port
Francesco di Sarcina, Secretary General, Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea

Title TBD
Alessandro Pitto, President, Spediporto

Smart ports & logistics: time for smart players as well??
Enrico Vergani, Leader Focus Team Shipping & Transport, BonelliErede

Development opportunities in domestic and cross-border rail-transport
Alberto Bonfiglio, Key Account Manager, SBB Cargo International

C-UAS and SURVEILLANCE FOR HARBOURS: facing the unconventional threat of malicious UAV integrating CUAS in the port surveillance system
Fabrizio Vergari, Ew Comm & Cyber Scientist, Elettronica

Customs and Digitization – Smart Terminal and Fast Corridor
Alessandro Laghezza, Owner, Laghezza

We restore, stabilize and waterproof the port structures with resin injections
Fabio Sartori, Business Development Manager, Uretek Italia

Investments for adaptation and development in ports
Lucia Cristina Tringali,Director of Financial Resources Planning and Management Control, Port System Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea 

The “smart borders”, a challenge for efficiency and security at Europe’s external borders
Lorenzo Manso, Chief Executive, Maritime and Air Border Police of Genoa