2.00 pm - 3.30 pm

Genoa, and in live streaming


The investments in infrastructures at sea and in intermodality provided for in the PNRR will, for well-known reasons, constitute a preponderant part of what will be possible to achieve in Italy over the course of the decade that has just begun. The importance of the PNRR and the recovery programme behind it, however, goes beyond financial resources. The Italian maritime-logistics cluster must in fact take an active part first in the definition phase and then find itself prepared in the implementation phase in the game of reforms and simplifications that Italy will have to launch in order to be able to access the funds. Furthermore, the sector must also look at the possibilities found in other chapters of the plan, in particular those relating to digitisation and ecological transition.


  • PNRR, the projects envisaged in the port and logistics sector
  • the chapters dedicated to digitisation and the impacts on the maritime-logistics cluster
  • the chapters dedicated to ecological transition and the maritime-logistic cluster
  • simplifications: what, how, and for how long
  • the rules of the projects in the PNRR
  • beyond the PNRR: Next generation Europe and the maritime-logistics cluster


Chairman: Domenico De Crescenzo, Coordinator, Confetra Mezzogiorno

Institutional speech:
Vannia Gava, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Ecological Transition

The Italian Port Management Information System  and the European Maritime Single Window. The digitalization of reporting formalities
Matteo Prantner, Captain of Frigate Harbor Master’s Office, Harbor Master’s General Command

The strategies to support the ecological transition in the Strait of Messina
Mario Mega, President, Port Authority of the strait of Messina

PNRR for ports: money is not free
Davide Maresca, Maresca&Partners – Wegal e Legal Consultant, Assiterminal

Port and logistics projects
Rodolfo Giampieri, President, Assoporti

Simplifications and investments for logistics: the vision of shipping companies
Alessandro Pitto, Vice President, Fedespedi

PNRR: the development of the maritime sector to improve the competitiveness, capacity and productivity of Italian companies
Egidio Filetto, Tax Partner, PwC Italia – TLS Shipping Leader

First assessments after the launch of the PNRR
Nereo Marcucci, Past President with responsibility for the PNRR, Confetra

PNRR as best opportunities for relaunching the Eastern Ligurian Sea Ports
Francesco di Sarcina, Secretary General, Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea

Non infrastructural chapters of PNRR and opportunities for fleets
Francesco Beltrano, Head of Ports and Infrastructures services, Confitarma